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Today I am going to give me honest opinion of why you should buy article builder to build high quality content. Article Builders Is one of the best tools to build articles, so if you are a niche blogger or an article marketing that needs content to get Backlinks, you’re going to want to use Article Builder to save you tons of time. One of my favorite things about article Builder is that it runs on a browser, which means it is compatible with both Windows and Mac without having to download any software. Here is a screenshot of the main screen of Article Builder.

Let’s briefly talk about the Current state of SEO

With all these new updates Google is introducing, You must be more Careful with the Contents you’re creating. With the new Fred update, Google is now taking a look at at the relevance of your backlinks. The benefit of article Builder is that there are tons of categories that you can create articles for. So for example if your website is about Student loans all you have to do is check the category of student loans in article builder and it will generate as many articles as you like. You also have the option to choose the word count of each article and if you want to add a sub-topic keyword as well. Article Builder is awesome because it’s highly customizable and will take you seconds to build an SEO campaign that you can import into Your favorite link building tools such as GSA or Ultimate Demon.

Article Builder Categories

Below are some categories that article builder can create articles for. Try to name a topic that isn’t cover?

Another remarkable thing that you can do with article Builder Directly to your WordPress blog. Add a Blog, and then you will have the ability to Auto post and make Unique Auto post things inside of the dashboard of article Builder so you will have an infinite supply of Articles being distributed to your WordPress Sites.

Does Article Builder still work in 2018?

The simple answer is yes I still use article Builder How to build backlinks for my money sites. Get yourself an excellent spinner such as spin rewriter, and a grammar checker such as Grammarly and you got yourself unlimited content at the push of a button.

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